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Young people today don't follow trends. We create them. The new generations don't wait for change. We actively pursue it.

FT Hood emerges to be a part of that. We neither know, nor can, nor want to stand still. We understand that life is out there, so we go out to seek it. We aim to have the world at our fingertips, constantly moving towards that goal. We don't seek to belong because we invent our own path. We know that fulfillment lies in dressing as we desire because we don't follow trends; we set them. Diversity dresses us, represents us, and shows us the way.

From this confidence stems our power, our courage, but also our responsibility. To represent, we must be original and authentic. We must be clear that with every step we take, every decision we make, we reflect the essence of who we are.

We acknowledge the constant challenge of change, differentiation, and continuous improvement, but we are ready to face it. FT Hood serves as a constant reminder that the world is a neighborhood, and it solely depends on us to make it ours.

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